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Property Management

Welcome to our Property Management Website. We provide full service support to Landlords and Investors seeking to have a qualified real estate company oversee their property management portfolios. The following are the types of properties that we manage at this time.

1.       Single Family

2.       Townhomes

3.       Multifamily

4.       Apartment Buildings

We specialize in working with clients who have the following populations:

·         Luxury/New Construction/Development

·         Housing Voucher/Low-Income/Tax Incentive Programs

·         Senior Housing

·         VASH and other Veteran programs

We manage properties remotely all over the United States however are located in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) and North Carolina.

Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Keep an in house database of potential renters
  • Locate Qualified Renters
  • Run Background Criminal and Credit Checks
  • Collect Rental Payments
  • Handle Maintenance Requests
  • Disburse payments to Investors
  • Maintain Accounting Records
  • Provide end-of-year and monthly accounting to Landlords/Investors
  • Work with our Attorney to file court papers
  • Attend Landlord/Tenant Court as necessary on behalf of Landlords/Investors

Please fill out our Property Management Questionnaire if you already have properties that you would like for us to start managing tomorrow.