Selling your home, business or Multifamily property(ies)? Let’s be very honest, selling your home is a stressful process and depending upon the circumstances that have led to your need to move such as short sale, foreclosure, job loss or move, it can be even more challenging. have a history of selling properties above list price and negotiating on your behalf to make sure that you can focus only on the important things like packing and moving everything out, staging, fixing items in your home and preparing for closing day. On closing day, you will be excited that we made it through the process and the check should make up for all of the big moves that had to happen to sell.

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I love to sell properties and am known for selling properties that are New Construction, renovated resale and/or income producing primary or investment properties. I really love California Modern and although we don’t live in California there are touches of California style homes built by Toll Brothers for example. 

Think: Floor-to-ceiling windows. I love Modern Farmhouse and Craftsman style homes. I love an insanely beautiful island and I think that backsplashes are just neck ties for the suit of your kitchen. I admire the right lighting and fixtures. And like my clients, the Master Bedroom and Bathroom are absolutely everything along with that massive luxury, functional island that I mentioned earlier. I love a cute courtyard, rooftop balcony and all outdoor living spaces as they are an extension of the home/property. You can get some of this action in townhomes or single family.

I am always eager to sell main level living properties or homes that have bedrooms (even if it is not the master) on the main level because I receive the request so often from prospective buyers.

On this page, we thought it would be important to provide you with the answers to Frequently Asked Questions and the answers to questions that we believe should be asked if you are considering a Realtor®/ Real Estate Agent, or Real Estate Broker to list your property.


1. How long have you been in the business?
Great question. I have been a business owner for more than twenty years. I have been in Real Estate since 2016. Invincible Vision was also established in 2016.

2. Are you full time or part time?
I am a full time Real Estate Broker. Associate Broker with Samson Properties for Invincible Vision Business & Real Estate Brokers and Principal Real Estate Broker for Invincible Vision Property Management.

3. Do you have references available to view?
I do have references available offline. I develop really great relationships with my best clients and they are happy to provide a referral (if they have not online). For clients who have provided an online referral, you can check Zillow here: https://www.zillow.com/profile/Ressurrection/

4. Is your real estate license available to view?
Yes. In every state that I am licensed you can go to the state’s website to view my license. As added information, no licensed Real Estate Agent, or Broker can receive commission unless their license is active, so if I (or another agent) is helping you, it is safe to say that they have an active license.

5. How do your realtor fees work?
Sellers in the areas where I work provide the commission fees for both sides of the deal. In our listing appointment we will discuss the fees in detail and also discuss the value that the Invincible Vision brand brings to the transaction.

The exception may be an Admin fee or additional fees that you incur based on the agreement vs. work that your agent is doing for you. An example would be if your agent coordinates moving, contractor/renovation/project management or credit repair. These are fees that may be considered outside of the real estate transaction itself and require a separate agreement.
Business Brokers have a separate fee structure. If you are selling a corner store or laundry mat, please contact me to discuss.

Commercial Agents and Brokers have a listing agreement (just as in residential transactions) that are tailored to the nature of the transaction. The fees are discussed up front and are signed off on in the beginning of the agreement. It is worth noting that Commercial Real Estate is different than Residential Real Estate and the Sellers don’t always offer the buyer’s agent a commission.

6. Which neighborhoods do you specialize in?
This is an interesting question. Many years ago, this was probably the most important question that you should ask an agent however, because of a number of factors this question has become a little less important. For example, because of the information that I have access to the better question would be to find out how I will gather the information needed to help you. The name of the game now is finding out whether your real estate professional (hopefully me/Invincible Vision) will be thorough enough in their research to help you in whatever neighborhood that you want to purchase in.

  • Here are a few cities/counties/zipcodes that I enjoy working in and know extremely well because I have lived, entertained or served clients there.
    Northern Virginia – (Born and Raised in Arlington)
    ➣ Arlington
    ➣ Alexandria
    ➣ Fairfax
    ➣ Falls Church
    ➣ Lorton
    ➣ Woodbridge
    ➣ Manassas
    ➣ Dumfries (Montclair and Potomac Shores)
    ➣ Stafford (Aquia Harbor & Close to Garrisonville Road)
    ➣ Centreville
    ➣ Herndon
    ➣ McLean
    ➣ Vienna (Tysons)
    ➣ Great Falls
    Washington D.C – NW/NE/SW/SE (Capitol Hill)
    NOTE: In DC, I only show properties that have parking without the possibility of being towed while showing. I specialize in Single Family attached or detached homes in DC. I have a special relationship with DC and really add value to anyone who is moving to DC (homebuyer) because I can help anyone get around, go from tourist to neighbor in ten minutes.
  • ➣ Georgetown
    ➣ Columbia Heights
    ➣ U Street
    ➣ Adams Morgan
    ➣ Between 14th & 16th Streets from Columbia Heights to Military Road
    ➣ Columbia Road from 16th Street to Michigan Avenue; Queens Chapel Road
    ➣ Brookland /South Dakota Avenue
    ➣ Wesley Heights
    ➣ Tenleytown
    ➣ Palisades
    ➣ Kent
    ➣ Observatory Circle
    ➣ American University Park
    ➣ Spring Valley
    ➣ Near (George Washington/Georgetown/American/Howard Universities)
    Maryland –
    ➣ Prince George’s County
    ➣ Montgomery County
    ➣ St. Mary’s County
    ➣ Charles County
    North Carolina –
    ➣ Rocky Mount to Raleigh
    ➣ All other areas we serve clients for Apartment Building Acquisition
    For Multifamily/Apartment building/Apartment Complex Buyers & Sellers,
    service areas may be extended or not listed.

7. How many homes have you closed in my target neighborhoods?
This is a great question. You can ask that question once we know your target neighborhood but the truth is it may not matter if I have access to the same knowledge as any other agent. My skills are transferrable. And, if I do need help on the deal, I have a network that I can reach out to, so you will still be provided with excellent service and knowledge necessary to close your deal to your satisfaction.

8. How many homes have you closed in my price range?
I sell homes on average within the $600-800k price range. If I have sold lower price homes ($200-$400k) this may be either a First Time Homebuyer or an Investor acquiring or relinquishing a property. I have the ability to service clients who are buying in the million dollar price range and welcome those opportunities.

9. How many clients are you currently representing?
My client limit is 12-15 depending on where my clients are in the process of their purchase or listing of their properties. I am extremely conscious of the service that I provide to each client and have created a system to make sure that my clients are reassured throughout the process that they are my primary client.

10. What percentage of your clients are buyers vs sellers?
The majority of my clients have been buyers however, I am equally competent on the seller side and have launched a huge marketing campaign to attract new listing clients. So, this answer is TBD. I have saved clients over $50,000 on the buyer’s side and helped sellers make over $80,000. **results vary**

11. What is your list price to selling price ratio?
I typically represent buyers and sellers in the $600-$800k price point although I do represent buyers and sellers at a higher and lower price point as necessary.

12. Do you plan to perform a written comparative market analysis as part of your services?

Whether representing a seller or buyer, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is necessary to help my clients decide what they should sell or buy a home for in their neighborhood. This is a part of my standard services and fiduciary responsibility to you.

13. How do you assist with locating additional professionals (home inspectors, title company, closing agent)?
I have a list of reputable professionals that I refer business to, who have demonstrated that they take great care of their (our) clients. You will be asked to sign a document that will give me permission to make these suggestions to you.

14. Will there be time at some point to talk through the home selling process from start to finish?

Absolutely. I would have it no other way. To start this process, please fill out the Home Seller Questionnaire. Thereafter, I will stop by for a listing appointment.

Created By: Ressurrection Graves, Invincible Vision®